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The things you must include in your CV

The things you must include in your CV

Your curriculum vitae (CV) is your first impression on recruiters, any time you send in a CV that has nothing that the recruiter want or that is not well arranged for the recruiter to easily decode or easily read the information in your CV you have only succeeded in your wasting your precious time

There are certain information that truly important and must that you add them at all time in your CV and to always make show that these information are up to date. This information is what determines your success in job search, there are the information that the recruiter will look at to judge your application. There are some other information is truly not important, that is these other type of information is truly of no relevance to your CV and to your job search, there aren’t.

We are listed both the relevant and non relevant information below this article. We also previously published more information on how to get a great professional CV; the differences between curriculum vitae and the best way to use each, sample professional curriculum vitas (CV) and more you should check out for great articles that would help you in  your job search


Things that is not relevant in your CV



State of origin

Country of origin

Marital status


These things listed above are categorized under personal profile in your CV so in other worlds the personal profile session in your CV is not actually relevant. Justifiably the recruiter would know all these on the day of the interview or he has known some from looking at your CV. Whether he knows already or that he would get to know all of that on the day of the interview is not relevant to the job even if the recruiter had specified that they are seeking to recruit only certain gender for the role

The relevant things in CV

These are the information that recruiters are looking for in your CV and nothing more. The information contained in these four sessions will decide whether you a better candidate or not, the recruiter is very likely not going to look at other information in your CV

The summary or call it subject session.

The experience session

The skills session

The education session

Optional in CV

These are the optional session in your CV which means there all up to the job seeker to include or exclude. They are likely not going to be looked at by the recruiter. So including anyone or all of them is optional to the job seeker.

The hobbies session

Projects session

Reference session

Certificate sessions

Award session


When you are drafting your CV take very seriously the session which are relevant to your CV starting and put something is very impressive and which must be true about so that you will b able to defend same during an interview. We wrote on how to present yourself in the first session of your CV, that is the summary or subject session, it is one the most important session in a CV that a job seeker must take very seriously

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