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The things you must include in your cover letters

The things you must include in your cover letters

Drafting a good cover letter that would send a massage and appeal to the recruiters to hire instead the other applicants can be really tedious and exhausting. You probably wouldn’t know what to write or you may have written so much cover letters that don’t return positive feedback from the recruiters.

Copying and pasting your previous writing cover letters for every job and any time you are applying for a job is a bad job hunting techniques. Job seeker must always draft a unique cover letter for every job he or she is applying for because among other things, every job is unique and the recruiter for each job is looking for something different from what the other recruiter for the other job is looking for. There is a sample cover letter below we provided for your guide when writing your cover letter.

Things you must include in your cover letter;

The applicants address; this very necessary in every job cover letter. Clear address is required so that if are considered a better candidate, and the company decides to email your employment letter it would be easier for the company to do so

Salutation; be very polite and cordial in your cover letter

The title of your letter; Job applicant must start the position he or she is applying for, this is because the company or the recruiter may be recruiting for multiple vacancies

Reason for your application

Whether you have the required skills and education requirement in the job description

Things that may not affect your cover letter negatively if not include are;

The full address of the company

Very importantly two of the most important thing you will notice in the cover letter below are; the simple and easy to understand worlds used in application letters, second the right words used. Those words truly made to represent career field.

What you need to do is to keep your English simple and try to use good sentences with right punctuations in your letters.

Sample Cover Letter



I am delighted to be applying for the position assistant general manager Maitum integrated limited. Your placement to fill the position of assistant general manager requires qualified personnel, understanding what is required of any employee in that position, I wish to send my application and believe I will make a better candidate for the assistant managerial role.

I have 5 years of experience in assistant managerial position with my previous employer and have acquired skills very much necessary for the role of a assistant manager. My skills would enable me function and deliver perfectly.

I have the following skills: interpersonal skill, human capital development skill, communication skill, administrative skill, Microsoft words skill,

My application is also supported with a degree in Business management and master’s degree in Business management all from the University of Ilorin

I am confident that I will perform excellently in the above role at Maitum Integrated limited

I am hoping for your positive response to my application

Yours sincerely,

Your name

Your phone number and

Your email

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