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The things recruiters will never tell you about the jobs you applied for

The things recruiters will never tell you about the jobs you applied for

You are aware that about 96 percent of the times applicants applies for a job they either receive negative feedback or no feedback at all. That is it just very few percent of applicants that makes it to last selection stage. There are certain things these recruiters cannot tell you, they cannot tell you because most of the times they won’t have the time to communicate to the entire applicants for the job, this could be as reason of the number of applicant.

But this information is needed to review how you send applications for jobs; we are going to reveal to you most these things so that you make a convincing application the next time you see jobs you are qualified for and wishes to apply.

Some jobs are filled before the ads are placed;

The recruiter cannot massage you to say that the job you applied for was filled before the announcement was made, that wouldn’t happen, if you were to be the re3cruiter you wouldn’t do that of course. What does this actually mean; sometimes companies have reserve from their last recruitment programs. The human resources could go back to saved files of the previous unsuccessful applicant for the same role or for the similar role and make choice of candidate. There is no way you are going to know.

Some jobs are not to employ any one of the applicant but to inform applicants of the existence of the company;

what does this mean in the clearer terms? It is another form of advertisement. Many companies use this method to publicize their company, to identify a job in this nature the company start the announcement of the job with the company description. There is no intention of employing any of the applicants. The reason some companies do this is because when job is announced a lot of site share this job announcement for free, individuals also share this job for free, and the job announcement go viral and reach a lot people

Some job advertisement are withdrawn a day or even few munities after the advertisement has been published;

The job announcement may be withdrawn for one reason or the other. In this case it is left for the company and when this happens already the announcement is in the public domain and when applicants send in application they applications are not reviewed and no feedback or offer is made.

The job were made for certain categories of persons; this is very clear, you may have applied for the job but due to the nature of the jobs it actually made for certain categories of persons which if you are not in the category, nothing is said of your application


These the things that happen in the job market that recruiters will not tell you, of course these recruiters own no applicant the obligation to explain why the applicant did not get response from his or her job application or why the job applicant were not employed. To save yourself so stress and avoid share your information without control, always check to understand the nature of the job announced before sending applications

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