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Sample Letter to use when in serious need of job/internships placement

Sample Letter to send to recruiters when internships position

Upon your graduation you should be looking for forward for your internship placement, paid internship are available to fresh graduates of both universities and polytechnic.  Getting internship placement may really difficult, there is no much difference between job hunting and internship placement especially paid internships. However, with a great strategy and a beautiful letter as that below you may be heading to staring your internship this month. Start with your address and also put the address of the company you are writing to. We began the letter from the body of the letter

The body of the letter is very important. We previously published valuable contents on our site that would help you draft a better letter, cover letters, curriculum vitae (CV) so do well to browse more contents that you may find interesting for your job search

Sample appeal letter 

Dear human resources manager, I have approached very closely the graduation year of master’s study in Civil Engineering at the University of Benin, Benin city, Edo state Nigeria, and I am writing to apply to participate in the annual Mack johns engineering limited annual internship program. I have self-funded my studies from the undergraduate days in the University of Benin up to this point. In my current studies I have taken a part-time job as a software maintenance associate at todayjobs. I truly did not come from a less privileged background and my parents have indeed been giving all that they could, but at this of concluding my bachelor’s degree studies at the University of Benin, Benin City I need an internship placement at Mack john engineering limited.

My final year undergraduate studies project is on the software management which seeks to provide a new perspective on what the software in the Modern time would mean to users and engineering firms.

I have already contributed much to the University of Benin; my contributions include Materials Project and running events for the faculty union. I aim to build a career in software engineers. I have four months of work experience at todayjobs. I want to bring my knowledge and my experience a bit closer to the rest of the world by interning at Mack Johns Engineering Limited. The internship opportunity would allow me access to the leading experts in my career field and I would have an opportunity to learn, develop with more exposure and knowledge.

I would like to further discuss my interest and my desire to participate in the internship program.

Your sincerely,

Maureen Olawale

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