Must asked questions in an interview

Must asked questions in an interview;

After reading seeing these Must asked questions in an interview, you would be happy the next time you go for an interview Most of the times, about the 98 percent of the time you fail interviews not because you not know not the answers to the interviews but because you were caught unaware with questions which you not provide a convincing answers to

At about 5 munities after the interview has ended you realize that you know the answers to the questions asked and that truly these questions were completely simple and straightforward.

To pass every pass any interview you must prepare for it, preparing for interview is finding answers to the questions that would be asked. Do you know the questions that would be asked? No, then how are you preparing? What are you using to prepare?

There are questions that must be asked in an interview provided that the interview is a complete interview, you may have been told likely interview questions, there are of course likely interview question but there are also a must asked interview questions. But the languages that are used or the sentences used are usually not the same. These make these questions seem non constant.

When you are invited for an interview, preparing well for such an interview will do a lot of good, you may not be able to prepare if you confused of certain things, especially if you are an entry level applicant. For some applicants who have applied and attended a lot of interviews, the case is different because they have experience, however not completely as some may have forgotten or may not have taken notice of the frequently asked questions in the interviews attended.

There are five (5) questions that are constant in all interviews, these questions must be asked whether the applicant like it or not, these questions are the major determining factor in every interview. Your answers to all these five questions will decide your success or your failure in the interview. The best things about these questions are that they are truly simple questions and they require very simple straight forward answers. The applicants don’t need to need to crack their brains. However, where the challenge lies is been caught unaware on these questions.

Most of the time applicants fail interviews because of two things; the pressure and been caught unaware. When these two are forces against you fear comes in to make it three major setbacks. If you are not caught unaware with simple questions that you actually know answers to, pressure won’t work against you and fear definitely won’t come in. If you have escaped these setbacks in job interviews the job is likely yours to resume.

These questions are most in the interview; find answers to these questions before going for the interview. You cannot escape any one of these questions in a series interview for a series job. The question may be rephrased; we rephrased each in four sentences. It is very likely that the sentence that the interviewer will use would fall in any of these questions

  1. Why are you looking for a job change?

Or why do you want to change your job?

Or why are you leaving your current jobs?

Or why did you leave your last job?

  1. What are your strengths?

Or where are the areas of your strengths?

Or where do your strengths lie?

Or what can you do better than others

  1. Why do you want to work with A&T?

Or why do you prefer to work here?

Or what makes you want to work in this company?

Or why do you choose to work with our company?

  1. Why do you think you are a better candidate for this job?

Or why should we prefer you to others?

Or why should we hire you?

Or why you instead of others?

  1. What are you looking at for a salary?

Or what should we pay you monthly?

Or what are your salary scales?

Or what would you accept as salary?

Before you head for an interview, bear in mind that you are not likely to escape these entire question. The only way you can escape all the questions is if the recruiter sees you and decided to give you the job without formal interview. Every formal interview must involve two or all these fiver questions. And answers to them determine your success. Every other thing including your experiences has been seen in your CV and some as you may have put in your cover letter. Answers to these questions are not hard, have the answers at hand before sitting for the interview.

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