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How to Write Resignation Letter (Sample)

Resignation Letter

As an employee of a company that is well established rules may not permit you to leave the company at any time of your choice, leaving the company without a proper notice with your resignation letter could come with its disadvantage; the employee may lose her or entitlement; allowances, salaries, bonus and the rest, not only that the employee may be sued. To avoid these troubles, you need to write a simple resignation letter to the company.

You may feel at a certain time to quite a particular job, this could as of a necessity or to pursue another career like starting your business or switching from your current field to another. Just for one reason or the other, you would have the need to write resignation letter, here are samples of resignation letters.

When writing resignation letter, always use the company’s letter head

Makrel & Nathan PLC

1234 Court way

New York, United State

21st, September, 2021


I humbly wish to inform you of my intention to resign from Product Manager Makrel & Nathan PLC effective two weeks from today, the 21st day September

I wish to state without reservation that I appreciate the opportunities have given me during my time at Makrel & Nathan PLC

Please let me know what assistance you’ll require from me during the resignation notice period

Thank you,

Oluwatonyi Mark

You can also use your name and address the company

Shawn Mane

16 Allen Avenue,

Ikeja, Lagos

21st, September, 2021

Kendle Specialist Hospital

[1234 John stone Close,

VI, Lagos

Dear Mr. Obike Eze

After a proper consideration to switch to a new career field I would like to inform you of my intention to resign my position as the Managing director at Kendle Specialist Hospital. My resignation is to take effect on the 29th of October.

I sincerely appreciate the opportunities Kendle Specialist Hospital and its staff have given me during my stay at Kendle Specialist Hospital

Please let me know what assistance you may require from me during the resignation notice period.

Thank you,

Obike Eze

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