How to write Job/contract proposal (Sample Job Proposal)

How to write Job/contract proposal (Sample Job Proposal)

You may be opportune to bid for contract, the opportunity will present itself but the challenge is how you impress the employer to win the job contract. The solution is this article. You may see the need to bid for a contract but considering the fact that writing a contract proposal is a major setback you set out for a defeat even before you make further consideration.

Contract proposal requires you to demonstrate that you truly understand the contract or the job you are required to do a contractor. You specify the possibility of the job and that you are the best person who can do the job better.

Specify the nature of the project and what it would require to complete the project, the funds and the nature of your team that would execute the project. The contract delivery; when are you expected to deliver the project and much more; When you read the sample of project proposal below you would be happy the next time you see the need to bid for a contract

First the Job description and the task

Lets assume that we wrote below is the job description and the job task, you must write down your own understanding of the job description. The job description is to tell that you understand what the contract is all about and indeed you understand the job task as well that the exact job to do

Finding a talent in another locality to execute profiling, documentation, prepare and report to the head of the management, affordable talent management software, exposure to potential clients worldwide.

There is free support available to the physically challenged but are unaware and how to access it, citizens need more easy way of tapping into the local talent

Under the contract, Akueze nig limited will be offering digital talent support to the local people to; develop on their talent, network with colleague in other locality or same locality for collaboration, gain access from thousands of social media support, gain more clients worldwide, transact via video chat, or messaging, send and receive legal information

The Job Execution Process

The next thing after describing that you understanding the task is the process you intend to execute the project.

Akueze nig limited will be creating digital platform that would suit your testy for young talents, and the local people to leverage on. While the platform afford letter an easy access to first class digital platform to specialize in their areas of their talents from anywhere in the world etc., the former maintains a digital platforms with all features that enable former develop more efficiently and effectively; interact with colleagues, calculate his or her social support, keep proper records, access all the functions for guide and development, gain more visible to potential fans and philanthropists that offering supports

Contract delivery

We are developing the talent digital mobile and web application and integrating the features, and we are employing experienced developers. After testing it would be launched and users can then subscribe. The features, quality assurance and beautiful interface are among our main focus. Our staff to be trained as necessary

PRICING: Subscription fees are:

One year= $36

Half year = $19

Quarter Year= $10

One month = $6

The profitability of the Talent digital platform

The possible earning will come from; Subscription fee (2) Ads revenue (3) Commission for payment made via our escrow service. First year of operation, your expectations should be around 5,000 subscribers and here goes the profit calculation.

Application Development $10000

Quality Assurance $4000

UI/UX Design $2000

Office space $1500

Equipment $3000

Advertisements/Promotions $3000


Total: $24800

15% Profit Margin

Market for your digital talent platform

Digital talent platform is a million dollar business when it goes worldwide. Target: young people which are our direct customers, local people of any age which are our indirect customers very important to keeping our direct customers. We expect to serve 10 MILLION young and local people worldwide after fully implementing features.

The Market plan for digital talent platform

We intend to use launch committee, having social media influencers as members, get some National Dailies to report the launch describe digital talent platform to world audience. Follow up the launching with adverts on social media. We also intend to reach young and local people by putting up flyers on Notice boards at the populated places. To keep digital talent platform in the market and maintain users’ loyalty, we or your software employees if we are not retained would constantly update our platform to run smoothly, collect feedbacks, conduct surveys regularly etc.

The Impact of the platform

Tech is transforming every aspect of Morden life, Nigerian Government policies support tech growth and advancement.

Overcoming some likely challenges

The following would be done to combating some challenges and abuse; verify users, insure transitions, implement attractive features not available on other platform of same nature etc.

Resources / what we need

We estimated a total contract cost of $24800. The sum will be needed to pay for development of digital talent platform mobile and web applications and have at least 75% of the listed features implanted, 2. Rent office space, 3. Advertise after launch, 5. Employee three workers that are specialist at a start

Our team

Eze Jonathan is the head of Akueze Nig. Limited. Marryann Odewale is in the business team. Marryann has no capital contribution but would work with me in building the platform once capital is raised. We both obtained Bachelor Computer engineering from the University of Benin in 2018. Marryann and I are business orientated, spend hours every day studying and discussing businesses. Marryann and I have worked on number of ideas while in the University and recorded success enabling us to pay all our fees,

The deployment process

Digital talent platform will go from its development stage to  registered stage with Corporate Affairs Commission as a business name and an interment domain has been secured for the name. At this stage, we have specialists who have started development and brainstorming for the platform. We are already working on the user experience which we would start integrating on the platform once developed. Every activities relevant to this project are being carried out

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