How to win job offer without sending application

How to win job offer without sending application

You may have exhausted yourself looking for jobs, each time you go out for interview or to search for vacancies you exhaust as well certain amount of money. There are some smart ways to look for jobs. There are smarter ways to get a job without going through all the problems of going out every day to check newspapers and searching online and other places for job vacancies.

This is a life a experience of how you can get a job without sending applications, shared by one of our associate. This method works 99 percent of the time, at time not immediately at some times of course immediately; the point is that it works. This method saves Job seekers a lot stress and money so read below and try it out

Years back when I was job hunting, I had sent several applications to different firms but not even a reply came back to me, I didn’t get a chance for an interview. One of those days while wondering about, I had nowhere I was going to. I walked past a company and my instinct kept telling me to walk into the firm and enquire whether there was a vacancy for a lawyer, for several minutes I stood in front of the company battling it, whether to go or to proceed to nowhere that I was going to.

After some minute’s of contemplation I summoned courage and walked into the firm, met the secretary/front desk officer and told her I had come to see the manager. She asked if I had an appointment with the manager and I said no but needed to see the manager for something. She insisted that I tell her what I needed to see the manager for.

I told her I wanted to enquire from the manager whether there is a vacancy for a lawyer in the company, she laugh a little bit and thereafter said anywhere ‘I am not sure there is vacancies for lawyers because there already two lawyers in the company, but you can sit over there and wait for the manger because he is not on sit at the moment’

Then I sat and waited. About 1:53 the manager walked past the reception I signalled the secretary to please inform the manager that somebody is waiting here for him and the reason I came here for but not in detail. She did as I told her, in another 37 minute’s I was ushered in to see the manager.

The manger was not friendly upon seeing me, first he asked while I was dressed very casual while claiming to be a lawyer; I explained to him that I live in the neighbourhood and that i was walking around and my mind told me to come in, and that I can come the next day fully and properly dressed. The manager rejected my explanation and said that as a lawyer I should dress like a lawyer all the time. I quickly agreed with him and apologised for dressing the way I dressed that day

The manager asked me a series of questions and thereafter asked me to bring my CV the next day and drop the same with the secretary and if need be the company would call me.

The next day I dressed properly with my small briefcase containing my CV and books, I stopped by at the company, dropped my CV with secretary and proceeded to another company I had seen around the area in of those days I wondered about aimlessly, with what happened the previous day, I had some courage in me.

I met with the manager, told him what I came for, then he told me to sit down, we discussed, in our discussion he was asking me a series of questions. That same day, he took me to my office, introduced me to other staff. I worked in the company for 2 years before proceeding for my master’s studies. While leaving, the company told me that they still need me after my master’s degree, if I wish to return to the company.

A month after I had started work in this other company, the first company I dropped my CV called me. I went to answer the manager when I got there; he told me that they needed a litigation lawyer in their legal department and that for the past two weeks the company has been calling my phone number. But because I was already employed, I told him that I have experience in corporate and would only perform better in corporate law not litigation.

Have you tried my method? It works most of the time, if the company does not have a vacancy at that particular time, in the nearest future, a month or two later you may be called by one of the companies to take a position. Try this secret with smartness

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