How to Safeguard Your Privacy When Applying For Jobs Online

How to maintain your privacy when applying for jobs online

It is very important that you keep your information and the information of those persons you have made your referee very discreet. Do you know how to do that when your major focus on the job. Even though your information may be more important than the job you are focusing on getting. We would advise you take seriously the information’s you share online when applying for a job very seriously. Especially those of your referees this article will help you to manager your information online very well.

Each time you visit job site or any other there are certain things you would likely do on the site. For job site which are our major focus these are the mostly likely things that would happen and would have something to with your information.

There are:


CV upload

Data entering



Cookies on the job site

When you check into a job site for the first time looking for a job, or checking in for the first time for reason or the other, the very first interaction you encounter is that with cookies. That is cookies popping and asking you to accept all the cookies. Some may ask you to accept more while some site would prompt you to accept all the cookies. Some site may give you the option to accept the cookies or refuse the cookies completely. What happens when you accept these cookies is that your information that is your browsing information particularly not really any other information because at that time you not enter any of your information; your name or your number

What the site will save is to remind the site next you visit that you once or twice visited the site. And the site will also know the other types of things you mostly search online. This will determine the kind of advert that you see on site when you visit the site.

If on your first visit you could not see any reason to regularly visit the site there wouldn’t be any reason to save the cookies. But if you have found something very interesting on the job site and you intend to visit the site regularly to find job, it would be necessary that you save the cookies , they are not going to harm the site visitor

Uploading your CV and your cover letter on the job site

You should be concerned that when you upload your cv or and cover letter there are all going to land on some one’s table. You should also be more concerned that there could internet breaches, that you’re cv and your cover letter while on their way to the recruiter may be intercepted band collected. Each time you visit a job site that requires you to send you vital information, endeavor to check if the site is protected by SSL, if the job site protected you should go ahead to upload your information as there is minimal risk, if the job site is not thus protected consider checking other job sites to seek jobs.

Entering your data on the job site

When you are to fill in your information like your names, phone number, email address and rest make sure that you check the job site private policy to understand how the site will treat your information, if after reading you don’t accept how they intend to treat your information you decline filling in your information and find other job site to seek jobs. The reason is that information you enter on the job site is stored and treated one way or the other depending on the privacy policy of the site.

Entering your image on the job site

Some job site may ask you after filling your infor4matyion and uploading your cv and your cover letter to also upload your passport photograph. You are seriously advisee that you don’t upload image of you that is embedded with location gps, upload only the neutral photograph

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