How to present yourself and make good impression in job interview

How to present yourself and make good impression in job interview

Do you know that your first presentation in an interview or your first contact with recruiter before the interview start can actually ruin your chances of getting the job even if you’re qualified for the job? Some times when job seekers send view job posting whether online or in the newspaper or anywhere else and see that they have all the qualification required for the job they tend to conclude that they have the job already.

This confidence most time influences the job seeker negatively during an interview. You for instance applied for the job, there are job seekers who also applied for the same job, you definitely cannot be the only qualified candidate among 50 or 100 or more persons, and as a matter of fact there could be some other applicants who are even more qualified than you. This is where your presentation the interview day separates the goats from the sheep.

The way you present you during an interview or on the day of the interview at the venue of the interview matters so much and should be seriously be cared about. Confidence is very important of course during an interview hence we wrote about it here and the 5 must asked interview questions to prepare for an interview. When you are prepared for these question and have confidence and also present yourself as we have advised on this article, you would of course stay ahead of all other applicant of the same job

Before going for the interview you must prepare yourself by researching about the company, make sure that you have answers to the most questions we listed above.

At your arrival for an interview;

Make a very polite greeting to your first point of your contact; the very person that you are going to meet at the venue of your interview can be anybody, your first contact at the interview venue could be your interviewer who was just waiting patiently for the interview time

In this manner; my name is Rhodes or my name is John Rhodes,

I have an interview scheduled with Sonia Smith by 1pm


I am here for the 1pm interview scheduled with Anime Jefferson for the position of Administrative assistant.

Meeting the interviewer, continue to be cordial and cheerful

Hi, my name is Sherlock Mike, I have interview scheduled with you at 1pm

Hello I am john Homes or

Good evening Mr. mark, I am James Butler, I am here in regards to the interview I have with you by 1pm

Waiting for the time for the interview

While waiting fir the interview to start there is every need that you engage in a relevant conversation with other job seekers sitting close to you, you could make some friends that would be of a need to you in the nearer feature

if you have little or no knowledge about the company , you could use that opportunity to found some certain things about the company, it would help you in the interview. when you are asked why you choose to wor4k with the company you would have one or two things you know about the company that makes you desire to work with the company.  rehearse some few answers you have with you and use the time also to build your confidence by acclimatizing with the environment.

Answering Interview questions

We have in our previous article we listed five questions that must asked in every interview, if you have not read it, go ahead and read it will help you greatly to pre pare for every job interview. so when answering questions from the interviewer,befor4e you answer any question make sure that you understand the the que3stions asked before giving your answer, this is very important so that you don’t give answers that are not related to the question. giving two completely wrong answers in an interview would derail your chances. It is preferred that you inform the interviewer if you did not understand the question, every interviewer would be happy that you sought clarification to a question it shows sincerity and focus.

Once you clearly understand the question and you to present your answers, first thing you must do is to compose yourself, avoid any form of fear and maintain the confidence.  smile often, smiling is different from laughing. if during the interview something funny comes sup from the interviewer or from you, it will not be bad if you laugh moderately.

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