How to make a very good first impression on your first job interview

How to make a very good first impression on your first job interview

When you arrive interview your first companion and that which must stay with you through ought the interview is a confidence, you be relaxed and be confident. doing the above is that every body will tell you even while leaving your house for the interview. well wishers will tell to be confident and calm when you reach the venue and when answering questions. there however, some other things things that you need to know.

Arrival of the venue for the interview

You must arrive the interview venue with your best self, in your best mood wearing a cheerfully face and even if you are not that type of person be very friendly to anybody you meet on your way and in the interview venue. There are reasons to be positive that very day.

When you arrive the venue for your interview the first person you would likely meet could be the principal or the chief executive officer of the company. to be sincere its actually not likely especially if the company is a large company. but you must not rule that out it has happened to me. my first job when I arrived the venue of the interview the very first person I met was the principal of the firm. as a matter of fact I didn’t meet the receptionist throughout my interview time at the company. what saved me was that I always keep a cheerfully attitude. what happened that day was that the principal had asked the receptionist to go and get fuel for the generator, and the he stood in front of the building probably waiting for her or doing somethings. I actually arrive the venue an hour earlier because I had left so early to get there on time coupled with the fact that I don’t know the venue and luckily for me the venue was not hidden. The principal did not wait he immediately called me to his office and interviewed me and I left.

Starting the interview and answering questions

When the interview properly starts, remember the advice you were giving to be confident, putting aside any form of fear. by now I believe you must have prepared for the interview, we listed the must asked interview questions. its worth ready, the post contains five questions that are constantly asked in an interview which you must find answers to before moving or starting your interview with the recruiter. The interviewer would ask you a series of questions what you must keep in mind that the interviewer would deliberately be making use of some words to confuse you, at this stage your confidence and knowing what to answer will be your best bet.

Lets make some sample interview questions and answers

Interviewer: So could you tell me about yourself

This simple question from the interview requires you to say some few things about you, starting from your name to your current position in your career some of your recent experience  the best way to answer this question is to use present, past and future tense and your answer could be in  different ways as we have listed below, see what your answers could be.

You: Well, I am Sean Stone I live at 5 down street, BTC Lagos.

I am currently an account executive at Kent & Shaw Limited

At Kent and Shaw I handle the company’s account and I manage a team of 6 in my current position at Kent and Shaw

Before assuming my current position at Kent and Shaw I worked as an executive assistant at The Batas Where I handled the I have successfully achieved I had gone three promotions at Batas, I started as a receptionist

I believe my previous experience has prepared me so well for this position.

Further questions from the interviewer

He or she may ask you thus;

Tell me your professional achievement

When an interviewer asks you about professional achievements he probably wishes to know whether first, you understand what professional achievement is actually, whether you have ever made achievements and most importantly how you could behave in difficult situations.

So identify the previous challenges ever encountered and how you solved it.

After the interview end the interview on your side by saying

‘Thank you for giving me the interview opportunity, I would love to learn the job timing,  ( just some other things you would like to learn or enquire from the interviewer) In any case you don’t wish to learn anything or enquire from the interviewer you can skip this

When leaving, you could say

‘It was a great pleasure meeting you Mr. Mark, I enjoyed interacting with you, I did learnt some things today’

After this you can gentle work out and proceed to call on your God to favor you.

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