How to Find Resources That Would Help You Get a Dream Job Sooner

Investing in yourself; how to find resources that would help you get a dream job sooner.

It may interest you to know that there are hundreds of resources out there that would help you secure the job you have since dreamt of. It is not advise that you sit down, do nothing but send applications when looking for a good job that has a lot of benefits; good salary structure, good allowances, vacation, insurance and retirement benefits and also child supports. There are truly thousands of jobs that offer these and more benefits for employees. These types of jobs are however, not easy to get at least you must have truly invested in yourself, read some career resources, attended career seminars, conferences and more.

These articles contain what you should expect in a career resources and much more where to find these career resources in a digital form. You can get some of these resources for free of course and some you may just need to subscribe to the platforms news letter and the resources would be emailed to you straight up.

It’s actually good that you subscribe to the platforms news letter to have access to the digital resources; the reason is that when more resources are available that would be of a great interest to you, the platform would notify you via email of the availability of the resources. For your benefits you may wish to check it out. Of course when you get too much of the news letter you wish to opt out. Opting out is always very easy, you just have to head straight to unsubscribe.

When searching for resources for job hunting, look for ones that are loaded with career success tips, career advice, and the secret smart method to find a better job in a shorter time. Expo on what you’ve been unknowingly doing wrong in your search for jobs, and professional cover letters for job applications. These professional cover letters should be customized that you can copy and paste in your job application, all you would have to do is to change the name and address of the sender to yours and change name of the company to reflect the company you are applying to work in.

The resource should also contain customized motivational letters for scholarship application and fellowship application. The motivational letters should be professionally written that all you would need to do is to change certain particulars to reflect yours.

The job covers letters should be written on at least this number of the following job field and each of the fields should have at least two so that you have opportunity to compare and contrast

The Categories

NGO jobs

Accounting jobs

Marketing jobs

Administrative jobs

Administrative (Admin) jobs

Law/legal jobs

Internship jobs

Human Resources jobs

Industrial Training jobs

Graduate training jobs

Oil and Gas jobs

Secretarial jobs

Doctor/Nurses jobs

Personal Assistance jobs

Management jobs


Remote jobs

Scholarship application letter

Fellowship application letter

Resignation letter

If you could find a resources that is truly loaded with the above, it would be a big assert you have in your hand

It should end there the most important is this listed below hence the resource should also help you on the following;

Questions that are must in job interview you prepare answers to these questions. You were not taught this in the university; you will know this by experience only. It those that have experience that put them together for reader’s benefits.

The differences between Curriculum vitae (CV) and Resume and the appropriate time to use the

How to maintain lead as the best candidate in an interview

How to win job offer without sending conventional application

What to do when you send a job application to increase your chances of winning the job

How to introduce yourself in the first session of your CV

What to during an interview to increase your chances

How to make a very good first impression in your job interview

How to present yourself during an interview

Where to find these resources

If you are looking to get these resources, there are hundreds of platforms to check, the most popular with good resources are listed below;


Amazon is the biggest book store for digital resources; books both audio and text. They can be delivered to you in hard copy or you can choose to read the softcopy of the book on the Amazon kindle book. You can find thousands of resources for career development on the Amazon; you can search with the keywords of the type of book or other resources you may be looking for.

There are millions of books on this platform with thousands published every month and hundreds of it published every day by different authors.

Google play books

Another great place to find a great book is on the Google play book, getting a book or any other recourse on the google play book is the easiest with a good number of reasons

Apple books

You can get on the apple book as well

Selar is different from every other platform listed above and under. The difference is that, books on selar are not displaced for visitors like other platforms. To buy a book on a selar you need the link to the store or the buy through promotion links. It is listed here because of some number of reasons which includes it’s seamlessness for Nigeria user to buy books, they would be charged in naira thereby escaping the charges on currency conversion when buying from Amazon or other platforms. Consider the dollar exchange rate as well

Other excellent platforms include the following below;

Barnes and Sand Noble










Red Shelf

Job Success Tips

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