Employment Contract that You Should Accept For the Job

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  1. Property Return; the employees of the company shall accept to return all the properties of the company in their position upon determination of their employment; records of files, data, vehicles company reports electronics, notes and among many more and to be so returned in all good condition failure of which the employer shall take appropriate actions
  2. Company notices. Under this agreement, every notice sent shall be have to be in writing, such notice shall be delivered through verified email and any other means authorized
  3. Amendments to this agreement; when amendment is necessary this agreement shall be amended on conditions that is set out on this agreement and also on conditions appropriate to the employer
  4. Severability. This contract agreement entered by the employer and the employee shall be effective and shall remain effective on the condition that that all the relevant sessions are valid

All remaining sections and provisions shall be deemed legally binding unless a court rules that any such provision or section is invalid or unenforceable, thus, limiting the effect of another provision or section. In that instance the provisions so affected shall be treated as limited

  1. Waiver of Contractual Right. Where the anyone of the parties, the employer or the employee fails or neglect to enforce any provision of this employment agreement, such refusal or failure of the of anyone of the parties shall not be treated or regarded to mean that as right waiver or limitation waiver. Anyone of the parties, the employer or the employee shall maintain right to enforce his or her compliance to this employment agreement without any limitation whatsoever
  2. Governing Law. This contract agreement shall be as per the requirements and also be governed by employment laws of Nigeria
  3. Entire Agreement. This employment agreement together with all of the attachments to it, all other addendums to it, shall represent the rights of the employee and the employee in relation of the both parties. In that regards this employment agreement shall be superior to any other agreement ever made before this very one

20. Disclosures clause: for the sake of transparency that is supposed to exist between the parties, the employee is hereby discloses to the employer with assurance that the employee shall continue to render employee required services via the company for and on behalf of the company. Services include, but are not limited to, technology, web page design and development, hosting services, and consulting.  The Employee also discloses that he is the CEO and President of Uncorked Canvas, a painting studio chain in Tacoma, Washington, and in Seattle, Washington, and that neither of the Employee’s companies has a competitive posture against the Employer or his subsidiary companies.  The Employee agrees to disclose to the Employer in the future if there is an apparent conflict of interest between his duties and loyalty of his own companies, and those of the Employ

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