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Cover Letters that keeps you ahead of other job seekers

Cover Letters that keeps you ahead of other job seekers

You may not need to copy and paste but you can actually write your own cover letters and use these guidelines, modify to suit the specific position and the company you are applying to. When writing your cover letter, always endeavor to put your address at the right or left hand side of the Letter. That is conventional for letter writing; however there are more to what you were taught in elementary school.

The address of the addressee must always be at the left hand side. Always but your own address can be at right or left. Also if you have letterhead you can use it. The content of your letter is the most important. Hence there is every need to draft something very impressive with the right words. The contents includes your address, your contact, names, the subject matter and the body of your letter

Let as assume you want to apply for Non Governmental Organization Jobs, that is NGO jobs, you need to customize your application to impress the organization human resources. This should be different from how you write for all other jobs, because most NGOs are looking for social workers, motivated employees that are ready to make impact and not just to make money.

You must understand that the number of words used your body of letter does not really matter provided that the letter is clear and contains the necessary information. If you have had a lot of experience and you are to show your experience in the body of your letter definitely the body of your letter will be much bigger than other that have had less or no experience.

So you don’t necessary need to put what you cannot defend in the body of your letter. When you see other job seekers cover letters and see how lengthy the body is you intend to reason that their own cover letters, because of the body length is more professional or you begin to lose confidence in yourself for having a letter with a few words. Tips for cover letter; the fewer the words in the body of your letter the better and your chances. So the length of your letter is dependent on your career experience

First sample professional cover letter

Human Resources Department,




My name is Siad Nmwale of the above address, I am writing to officially apply for the position of a fellow in your organization as advertised.

I have taken time to go through the fellowship role description attached to the advert and have come to a full realization that I am a better candidate for the fellowship judging from my experience and my educational qualification which are contained in my CV that is here attached to this Letter. I am a motivated young African who is seeking opportunities in Intergovernmental organizations, Non Governmental Organizations to make an impact. I have good knowledge of the work of International Organizations such as the United Nations. I was an active member of the University of Zambia Youths of the United Nations association from 2020-2021. I have good experience in Media and I have been able to manage the social media presence of my previous employer.

I also have good knowledge of Microsoft Office: Word, Excel and PowerPoint. I have been certified in Microsoft Excel 365. I Have Leadership qualities and skill which led to my election as the vice-president of the Political Science and Developmental Studies Students Association, University of Zambia. I have acquired more Leadership qualities while serving my position at the University of Zambia.

I will leverage my experience, my education and my knowledge of the Fellowship criteria listed to perform for the overall benefit of CORA WEISS and sure would hold at the highest esteem CORA WEIS’s fellow’s ethics.

I have attached my CV which has full details of me to my application for your consideration.

Thanks and please accept my utmost regards

Yours sincerely,

Siad ……



Second sample professional cover letter



My name is Suniay k. Chule. My contact address is as state above in this letter and also in mg CV attached herein

I am sending my application as contained in this letter for the position of Administrative Assistant in your Non Governmental organization, MKG Foundation.

I have gone through your job placement and clearly understand the job description. It is based on my understanding that I realized that I am best fit for the position.

I have the education qualifications needed for best performance and I have the necessary skills required for the position. My skills include; Communication skill, administrative skill, Microsoft skill, power point presentation skill, time management skill among others listed on my curriculum vitae CV). My CV has all of my information for your perusal.

I have worked with two different NGOs in an administrative assistance capacity, and I believe I will perform excellently in this same capacity in your organization.

I will look forward to hearing from you please accept my deepest regards

Suniay k. Chule


Third sample professional cover letter



In regard to your placement for the position of country coordinator for your organization, I hereby intend this letter to serve as my application for the above stated position.

My experience in coordination with my previous employers of the same field propelled me to send my application as I am certain that I fit perfectly for the said position.

I have acquired skills very much relevant to the position and I would combine by skills and my experience to bring work efficiency to your organization

I have attached my curriculum vitae to this letter for your consideration and I look forward to your positive feedback.

Thanks and my regards

Yours sincerely,

Jonkul Askima



Fourth professional sample cover letter



I have supervised successful over 5 projects of the same nature with the project which your organization is seeking a supervisor to undertake. The position is the type that requires a capable hand.

In all the projects that I have supervised I have learnt numerous things which have helped me to continuously improve. I can say for sure that I fit perfectly to carry out your organization’s project with an assurance of a professional delivery.

I have the educational attainment needed to perfectly perform the role of Project Supervisor for your organization. In addition, I have five years of project supervisor experience.

I also have good communication skill, project management skill, time management skill, I pay attention to details and I am result oriented.

My CV which is attached to this letter has full information about me for your perusal.

Thanks as I hope for your feedback.

Smaunek Mona




Fifth sample professional cover letter



I hereby wish to serve this letter for my application to assume the role of country manager in your organization.

My application is motivated by my deep knowledge of my country, my desire to make a positive impact, and my understanding of the role of management.

I have had considerable experience working as a country manager for a different organization of the same nature with your organization.

Assuming this role of country manager in your organization would present me with an opportunity to use my potential for the good of your organization and the good of my country and her citizens. I will be most grateful if my application is given positive consideration while I await your consideration, please accept my sincere regards.


Eze Michael Uti


If you have carefully read and studied the cover letters, you realize that some of the cover letters are smaller as regards the body; all of them are different as regards titles, conclusions, address and the rest.

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